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Recycling your computer monitor helps ensure that valuable materials like plastic, glass and metal are recycled for reuse. And just as importantly, it is also providing the important benefit of keeping less desirable materials found in computer monitors, such as lead and other heavy metals, out of our natural environment.  Colorado State Law prohibits the dumping of CRT, also known as Cathode Ray Tube, monitors.  These old monitors can contain more than 4 pounds of lead for an average sized monitor, along with other hazardous materials such as cadmium and even arsenic.

Never attempt to break down an old CRT computer monitor on your own!  The materials used in their production can be hazardous!old flatscreen monitor

ETech Recyclers is your local electronic recycler in Colorado Springs.    

ETech Recyclers is located just east of I-25, and south of Fillmore. Give us a call today for your old computer monitor recycling needs!