E-Tech Learning Center

The E-Tech Learning Center is a wonderful partnership between Community Intersections (CommonWorks) and E-Tech Recyclers LLC.  The computers that our customers bring into E-Tech Recyclers for responsible recycling are used in the Community Intersections Workforce Training Program which specializes in training adults with Autism and other developmental dis-able-ities.

The E-Tech Learning Center is located at 1320 Pecan Street in Colorado Springs. If you would like to contact the Learning Center, please call 719-219-3996.


The students that enter the E-Tech Learning Center are taught the social skills necessary to enter the job-market.  They are shown how to work alongside others, how to accept taking direction, following instructions properly, and ongoing time-management skills prior to graduating the program and being placed in an employment position.


We applaud everyone involved in this effort.  Please help us keep the program growing by recycling your computers and laptops with E-Tech Recyclers LLC.  All hard drives are removed and destroyed by a shredding process prior to delivering the items to the ETech Learning Center.