Etech Recyclers often receives new items or items that we are able to refurbish and offer to be reused at great prices to our customers.

In fact, did you know that we offer consignment electronic sales at a 60/40 split…you receive 60% of the final sale minus any listing or shipping fees.  Just bring your gently used electronics to us, and we’ll test them, research them, clean them, photograph them, market them, package and ship them when they sell!  Call us for more details!

We have just about every cable or cord you could possibly need, plus many computer items, laptops, stereos, soundboards, game stations and much more!

Coming Soon!  Moving Boxes and Packing Material at low, low prices!



Misc Items: Power Supplies, Cables & Wires, New Hard Drives, Circuit Boards, TV Boards, GPS Systems, Gaming Systems, Electronic Instruments, Soundboards, Amplifiers, Keyboards, IPads, and much more.  Please call ahead if you are searching for any item in particular.

You can also request to be added to our contact list if you’re looking for a particular item,

make or model!



Call or visit us today!

 Recycling: 719-799-6517


Please visit us at:

Electronics Recycling Center & Drop off: 2854 North Prospect, Colorado Springs CO 80907

3 Blocks east of Nevada and 1 block south of Fillmore, next door to the Mill Outlet Store and across the street from the Peak Bowling Alley.

We’re Open Monday through Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm

and Saturdays 10:00am – 2:00pm


Thank you for your patronage!