ETech Recyclers feels it is important that we support Non-Profit organizations.  It’s another way for our business to give to our community and help these organizations make their funding go further to accomplish the mission of the organization.

We offer a discounted pick-up service for Non-Profit organizations, and we’ll recycle your items at discounted rates as well.

  • Pick up service: $25.00 (discounted from our normal $40.00 fee)
  • All TV’s, and CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Monitors $0.45 cents per pound
  • Hard Drive Destruction with Certification $5.00 per drive
  • Universal Waste (anything that is not a TV, CRT, Hard Drive or Computer) Free of charge ( normally $0.35 cents per pound)
  • Computers, Laptops & Servers We Pay You $0.10 cents per pound!

We also offer recycling events at discounted pricing for your organization.

The Opposite of Fear is FAITH!

Every organization is concerned about the safety of their data, as they should be.  ETech Recyclers offers a 100% Data Destruction Guarantee that is backed by a $2,000,000.00 Data Security Insurance Policy.  With ETech Recyclers, you have nothing to fear.