What We Do

E-Tech Recyclers focuses on sustainable and responsible recovery of end-of-life electronics. Our environmentally sound processes and guaranteed data destruction through shredding processes ensure conformance with R2 requirements.

Management of e-waste includes reuse of functional electronics, refurbishment and repair of electronics, recovery of electronic components, and responsible recycling practices for end-of-life e-waste. Reuse, refurbishment or repair of electronic products is most desirable since this option increases the life span of the electronic product and higher resource efficiency, eliminating the need for mining for new material.

Computer Recycling                   Abandoned e-Waste          Shredded Hard Drive

Computer/Electronics Recycling       Electronics Hauling/Clean Out             Guaranteed Data Destruction

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Asset Recovery & Resale             E-Tech Learning Center                     Residential e-Cycling Services                                                         

For a no-cost proposal of electronic recycling services for your organization, please email us at info@etechrecyclers.com, or call 719.799.6517

ETech Recyclers helps to empower communities, businesses and organizations to take a more responsible, secure, and charitable approach to e-waste recycling. Our recycling services allow your organization to safeguard the environment, protect your data, and turn used technologies into refurbished equipment.  All end-of-life e-waste is properly recycled through vendors we have specifically chosen for their environmental, health and safety standards.  This means everything is recycled in compliance with R2 requirements, and is accounted for properly and with integrity.  ETech Recyclers takes responsibility for your equipment and protects you from liability so you can rest assured that your data is completely destroyed prior to the recycling process.  Data Destruction/Protection is 100% guaranteed.

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