Logo - CDPHEE-Tech Recyclers LLC was awarded the 2017 RREO Mini-Grant by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, allowing us to have an HD-300SSD Solid State Hard Drive Shredder on site for secure shredding services for both traditional hard drives & solid state drives.

Our Hard Drive/Solid State Data Shredding is compliant with the U.S. Dept. of Defense and NIST Standards, and in compliance with Local, State and Federal regulations.



Degaussing, also known as Wiping does not remove 100% of your data.  The “ghost” images can still be read by experienced hackers, placing your data at risk.  hdd-ssd-2 (2)Since solid state hard drives are engineered differently than traditional hard drives, they require different destruction methods. There are no moving parts inside an SSD. Rather than using disks and read/write heads, SSDs use flash memory instead, which is basically computer chips that retain their information even when there is an absence of power.

Destruction through the shredding process is the only way to guarantee your company’s data will remain secure.

Because we want to be completely transparent to our customers, we invite you to visit our warehouse at any time for a complete demonstration of our data destruction process.

cyber_crime_image_oneCorporate Data Destruction Chain of Custody & Certification

When your business contacts E-Tech Recyclers LLC for Data Destruction Services,

  • Our team will bring out locked containers and/or cages to store your hard drives, solid state drives, mini and micro drives, tapes, cassettes and cd’s securely during transit to our location.
  • Data Item Counts are completed in front of one or more of your authorized staff members, and logged on our Data Destruction Chain of Custody Form.
  • Both your authorized agent and our driver will sign off on the counts prior to leaving your location.
  • Each data containing item is then shredded and certified by logging the model number, make, size and serial number if available and scannable, and placing this information into the E-Tech Recyclers LLC Data Destruction Certification Form.
  • You will then receive your Certification of Destruction either via email or USPS, depending on your choice of delivery.  This certification guarantees that every item that carries sensitive data has been accounted for during the shredding process.
  • E-Tech Recyclers is insured to $2,000,000.00 in data security and terrorism data security, and we are fully insured for the time we are on your property.  Certificates of Insurance are available on request.

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