The E-Tech Standard

E-Tech Recyclers LLC is a Woman-Owned Small Business Electronics Recycler, and a Woman Owned Economically Challenged EPA registered business. We focus on assisting low-income families with school-aged children through our Computers for Children Program, Non-Profit organizations through the E-Tech Discount Program, and we are very proud of our collaboration in the E-Tech Learning Center with Community Intersections in providing them with computers for their workforce training program for adults with Autism and other developmental dis-“able“-ities.

The E-Tech Standard:

  1. Superior Service above industry standards includes how we treat each other, those who need us, and those we need.
  2. Our actions, appearance, communication, and all of our services should always show that we are a company that cares about its people, its mission and its community.
  3. We are to build trust from the moment we answer a call or welcome a customer through our doors.  We are transparent in our actions, and we embody integrity.

E-Tech Recyclers are absolutely the best at customer service. You will be greeted with a smile and prompt attention. The service will be fairly priced. It truly is a pleasure to know them. – Mrs. A.R.Ameriprise-Logo


OUR MISSION:To protect our clients by providing guaranteed solutions to securing data, and assisting them in safeguarding our environment by collecting, using responsible dismantling practices, and recycling all e-waste properly and responsibly.


To bring excellence to our work by using revolutionary recycling practices in the E-waste field.

To treat each client and vendor with integrity and respect by honoring our data destruction and protection guarantee.

To enhance our community through enviro-friendly methods, and to do all we can to eliminate e-waste in our landfills, our nation, and our world.


ETech Recyclers is the partner you need to help achieve your sustainability initiatives by turning outdated technologies into refurbished equipment, protecting your corporate reputation and expanding your role in safeguarding the environment.