Residential Recycling Rates

Commercial, Non-Profit and Government organizations please contact 719-799-6517 or for corporate rates.

We accept ALL electronics whether they run on batteries or electricity, working and non-working




Fluorescent Light BulbsPriced Per Foot$0.25/ft.

Household Electronics Pickup

Household Electronics Drop Off

(any electronic that is not a TV, Monitor, Computer, Bulb or Hard Drive)


$5.00 Flat Fee (1 item or truckload)

Flatscreen TVs/Monitors


Must be on main level for pickup Service

CRT (Tube) TVs/Computer Monitors

Intact, unbroken tubes only

Must be on main level for pickup Service

Broken CRT TVs/Computer Monitors

Includes $1.45/lb. HAZMAT fee

Must be on main level for pickup Service

Projection TVs/ DLPsMust be on main level for pickup Service$0.59/lb.
Hard Drive DestructionShredding$8.00/ea.
Certified Hard Drive Destruction Shredding with Certification (emailed)$10.00/ea.




ComputersLaptops, Desktop PCs, Servers, etc.0.10/lb.
WireCopper, Cat-5, Ribbon (40 pound minimum for payout0.31/lb.
Asset RecoveryPlease check out E-Tech Asset Solutions hereCall 719.799.6417 for quote
Updated 5/5/2019

Residential Pick-Up Available in the Colorado Springs Area:

$79.00 Pick-Up + Applicable Recycling Fees

10% Discount Available on recycling fees for Eligible Customers:

  • Military Personnel, Active & Retired
  • First Responders/EMT/Fire/Police
  • Public School Teachers
  • Seniors Over 65
  • Does not include pick up fee rates

Please contact us for special rates for government, commercial, and non-profit organizations.

Sorry, we no longer accept checks.