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Out with the old and in with the new!  If you live in the Colorado Springs area, and you’re wanting to get rid of your old console television, or simply ready to upgrade your flatscreen TV, then it’s time for you to call ETech Recyclers.  ETech Recyclers offers the responsible recycling of all your electronic items, including those bulky console televisions and projection TV’s.

DANGER: Never attempt to break down an old console TV set!  These sets are called CRT’s, short for Cathode Ray Tube, and each television monitor can hold more than 4 pounds of lead, which may be hazardous if not handled properly, as does the arsenic, mercury, beryllium and cadmium than is also found in old TV sets.

old projection tvBy law, the Colorado Springs waste transfer stations and landfills can no longer accept your outdated televisions, and they recommend ETech Recyclers to their customers on a daily basis, as many people don’t realize the law has changed due to the hazards of electronic waste.

Old TVs

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