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At ETech Recyclers, we are dedicated to empowering communities, businesses, and organizations to take a more responsible, secure, and charitable approach to e-waste recycling. Our electronics recycling in Colorado Springs is designed to help protect the environment and your sensitive data while also transforming used technologies into refurbished equipment. Learn more about our recycling process now!

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Our Commitment to Data Security

One of the key aspects that sets ETech Recyclers apart is our unwavering commitment to data security and destruction during the commercial electronics disposal process. We understand the importance of keeping sensitive information private, which is why we provide 100% guaranteed data destruction for all devices that come through our recycling process. We securely erase all commercial or personal information and promote sustainable recycling practices for a cleaner environment.

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Managing Your E-Waste Sustainability

When it comes to handling e-waste, we at ETech Recyclers prioritize both privacy and sustainability. Our comprehensive IT recycling solutions meet the dual objectives of protecting your data and minimizing environmental impact through responsible recycling practices.

In addition to protecting data we understand the importance of properly handling e-waste that is no longer usable. Our process involves refurbishing and reusing products whenever possible, ensuring that electronic devices are given a second life rather than ending up in landfills. Choose our secure data destruction and join us in working toward a more eco-friendly future!

What We Recycle

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Shredding Vs Wiping Sensitive Data: What’s The Difference?

In the realm of electronic and IT recycling, it's essential to understand the difference between shredding and wiping data. While shredding involves physically destroying hard drives and electronic devices to render them unusable, data wiping is a process that involves securely erasing data from storage media to prevent unauthorized access. At ETech Recyclers, we ensure that your data is completely destroyed before recycling the equipment, giving you the assurance that your information is safe from any potential breaches or leaks.

How Are Electronics Recycled?

To shed light on the actual recycling cycle of technology, it's crucial to recognize that when a product reaches the end of its usable life, it must undergo a refurbishing and reusing process to extend its lifespan. At ETech Recyclers, we are committed to maximizing the value of retired technologies by refurbishing them for reuse whenever possible in compliance with R2 requirements. It is only when a product is totally unusable that it may be shredded and destroyed.

By breathing new life into obsolete equipment, we contribute to reducing e-waste and its environmental impact, while also enabling organizations to benefit from cost-effective refurbished technology solutions.

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What Our IT Recycling Personnel Takes

  • Home Electronics (lightbulbs, TVs, e-readers, gaming systems)

  • Commercial Electronics (computer monitors, fax machines, copy machines)

  • Personal Electronics (DVD players, gaming systems, cameras, IPod, IPads)

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ETech Recyclers is a trusted partner for organizations seeking secure data destruction, environmentally friendly solutions, and a commitment to sustainability. With our emphasis on integrity, compliance, and cutting-edge recycling practices, we provide a reliable avenue for businesses and individuals to recycle their e-waste responsibly. Join us in our mission!