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E-Tech Recyclers is committed to preserving the environment by responsibly managing electronic waste. Discover the extent of our e-waste recycling services in Colorado Springs and how you can contribute to a sustainable future through proper recycling practices!

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What Is E-Waste?

Electronic waste, or e-waste, comprises discarded electronic devices that have reached the end of their lifecycle. These items often contain harmful materials like lead, mercury, and cadmium, posing significant environmental and health risks if not recycled correctly. Recycling e-waste thereby helps prevent pollution and conserves valuable resources.

E-Waste Items We Accept

Our comprehensive e-waste recycling program encompasses a wide array of residential and commercial electronic devices, including but not limited to:

Rest assured, we ensure that all recycled items are processed in compliance with environmental regulations to minimize impact on the planet. And for businesses and individuals concerned about data security, we guarantee that all data-containing devices undergo complete physical destruction for a small fee to safeguard your privacy.

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Choose E-Tech Recyclers as your trusted partner for e-waste recycling in Colorado Springs. By recycling your electronic devices with us, you not only support sustainability but also help preserve natural resources and protect the environment for future generations. Contact us online or visit us today!

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