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Recycling PC Computers, Desktops, Laptops and Tablets in Colorado Springs

ETech Recyclers LLC is your local recycling source in Colorado Springs for affordable and responsible Computer Recycling!

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$0.22 per pound for your used computers!

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If you have one computer or a pile of old computers stacking up, then E-Tech Recyclers & Asset Solutions LLC is the place to call. We're your local community electronic recycling solution in Colorado Springs and we also take care of our sister communities in Denver, Pueblo, Teller and Fremont Counties.

For a small fee, we offer a 100% guarantee on data destruction that ensures any and all data is effectively destroyed.

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We accept it all

Many outdated computers can be refurbished and offered for reuse, and other computers have reached their end-of-life cycle and must be recycled. Computers contain toxic levels of mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and beryllium which are very unfriendly substances to the environment.

E-Tech Recyclers & Asset Solutions LLC accepts all makes, models and sizes of computers, desktops, PC’s, laptops, and tablets for responsible recycling.

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For a no-cost proposal of electronic recycling services for your organization, please email us at, or call 719.799.6517 option 1.