Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Where can I recycle Fluorescent Light Bulbs in Colorado Springs?

ETech Recyclers LLC is your local recycling source in Colorado Springs for affordable and responsible Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling! All lengths, U-Shape and Circular bulbs are accepted.

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$1.00 fee per Fluorescent Bulb and $0.25 fee per incandescent or LED Bulb

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Why Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs and Ballasts?

Fluorescent bulbs and certain ballasts contain hazardous materials, such as mercury, which can contaminate the environment and is harmful to human health. Each fluorescent lamp contains around four milligrams of mercury, which means one hundred fluorescent lamps contain four grams of mercury. It doesn’t sound like much, but mercury is extremely hazardous even in the smallest of quantities, and it only takes one ounce of mercury to contaminate a lake for centuries. That’s why it is imperative that all fluorescent lamps be properly recycled.


Lamps containing mercury also include the following:

  • Fluorescent
  • Compact fluorescent
  • Mercury vapor
  • Metal halide
  • High-pressure sodium
  • Neon
  • Arc

Residential Recycling: You can drop your fluorescent bulbs off at our location during normal business hours.

Commercial Recycling: Call to set up an account with us which will include complete electronics recycling and pick-up services. We are completely insured and guarantee 100% Data Security.

Pick-Up services are available.

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For a no-cost proposal of electronic recycling services for your organization, please email us at info@etechrecyclers.com, or call 719.799.6517 option 1.