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IT Asset Recovery & Recycling Services

More than 209 million new computers, routers, servers, monitors and countless other devices pour out of factories each year. This is matched by vast amounts of older IT equipment piling up in storage rooms and company warehouses. While outdated equipment may no longer be useful to a business, this surplus equipment cannot be simply tossed out with the garbage.

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Mishandling surplus IT equipment can threaten data security, endanger the environment and jeopardize the residual value of the assets.

The disposition process of older or surplus IT equipment presents opportunity – as well as risks. E-Tech Asset Solutions eliminates risks associated with the disposition of IT equipment and maximizes upside possibilities.

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You have Options with E-Tech Asset Solutions LLC:

  • Electronics Recycling is the responsible removal process of all unwanted electronic items. Recycling is necessary for all businesses legally, but more importantly, recycling your outdated electronics with our sister company E-Tech Recyclers LLC shows your community that your organization is environmentally conscious.
  • Asset Recovery, also called investment recovery or resource recovery, is the process of maximizing the value of unwanted or end of life assets through effective reuse or divestment. The asset recovery process has three main parts: idle asset identification, redeployment, and divestment.

Electronics that are sitting idle cost businesses either by taking up space that could otherwise be utilized for new electronics that will earn their keep, taking up space that could otherwise be utilized, or they may create a fire hazard. Just as every employee costs your business money when they are sitting idle, your equipment should be working and earning your business money as well. Redeployment of your assets is to take an underutilized electronic, and move it to a new station or new employee. Divestment is the opposite of an investment, and it is the process of selling an asset for financial gain. If you have idle, outdated, or even non-working electronics in your business, contact E-Tech Asset Solutions LLC to schedule an appointment. If we can save you money, we will. If we can make you money, we will.


Items We Purchase:

  • Memory: Desktop and Laptop DDR3 and DDR4
  • Processors: Intel I-series, Intel Xeon processors, AMD Opteron and AMD Ryzen processors, new, used and even damaged processors.
  • Servers: Servers in Bulk or Components or remaining in Data Centers as well as Rack, Blade, and Tower Servers
  • Storage: Dell EMC, IBM, PureStorage, HP, and NetApp Storage Systems, Hybrid Storage Systems, All-Flash Storage Systems or disk SANs, Unified or Block Storage Systems
  • Networking: Enterprise switches, firewalls, supervisor engines, Cisco, Extreme Networks, Avaya, Juniper, HP, Dell, Alcatel-Lucent, Aruba, FC adapter cards, SFPs.

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