Off-site event time slots for E-Tech Recyclers & Asset Solutions’ new WINx4 program are limited to what we can handle, so learn more about our event and get in touch with us soon!

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About WINx4

We've put a program together for your company’s entire staff and we’re excited to share it with you. It’s the WINx4 Program!

We're offering your staff the same 20% OFF commercial rates we offer you on a regular basis, except only for a specific amount of time, and this program can become an annual "off-site" event for your company.

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WIN #1

Your business doesn't pay a thing and you get to do something great for the people who work hard for your business every day. Plus there’s no event fee!

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WIN #2

Your staff will appreciate that the company they are working with is helping them save money, recycle electronics responsibly, safeguard personal data, and increase environmental stewardship.

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WIN #3

E-Tech Recyclers increases business without hefty marketing dollars going out that would eventually raise our rates.

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WIN #4

What's really exciting is that the environment wins too because we keep electronics out of landfills and groundwater while reducing carbon foot-printing and greenhouse gasses.

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What Can Be Donated

All Electronics, Working or Non-Working

Battery or Plug Operated Items

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What Can’t Be Donated

Items With Fluids, Oils, Gasses, or Pressurized Air

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Discounted Rates


LCD/DLP TVs and Monitors

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About The E-Tech Learning Center

The E-Tech Learning Center, a joint venture between E-Tech Recyclers & Asset Solutions LLC and E-Tech Learning Center, supports the Community Intersections Workforce Training Program. This program trains adults with special abilities like Autism, using computers recycled by E-Tech Recyclers. Students learn essential social and job skills to enhance their independence and secure meaningful employment opportunities.

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Electronics Recycling & Certified Data Destruction

E-Tech Recyclers has been a woman-owned business since 2015, and we have helped empower communities, businesses and organizations to take a more responsible, secure, and charitable approach to e-waste recycling.

Our recycling services allow you to safeguard the environment, protect your data, and turn used technologies into refurbished equipment while assisting in the E-Tech Learning Center for adults with Autism and higher functioning mental special-abilities. It's a WIN all-around!

Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

When you save files on your computer, they are stored on the hard drive permanently. Deleting them doesn't erase them completely. E-Tech Recyclers & Asset Solutions LLC ensures complete destruction of your personal data by shredding data drives, the most secure method available.

Ready to get started? Contact  us or visit on-site today.

E-Tech Recyclers maintains a Five-Star Rating because we work hard to make every customer feel appreciated, informed and at ease in the recycling process. Take advantage of our WINx4 program today!

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